Alclad Shopfitting Green Initiatives

ALCLAD is constantly seeking ways of reducing its carbon footprint and impact on the environment and has invested heavily in the following infrastructure to achieve that goal:

  • An automated finishing line, that allows for paint recovery during the spraying process.
  • The recycling of solvents used in the paint spraying process.
  • The recycling of waste paper and packaging materials.
  • A state of the art extraction/recycling system, that gathers the waste product of the milling process and utilising the waste to power the paint drying ovens and heat the factory.
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  • A constant drive to reduce the company's usage of fossil fuels. Current target for all our vehicles is 7l/100km.
  • Utilisation of LED lighting wherever possible, both internally and externally.
  • The use of recycled materials in the manufacturing process for example, structural cardboard in lieu of particle board (Xanita or similar).
  • Preference to use best practice suppliers for example, PG Bison using renewable timber growing techniques.
  • A strict control of electrical usage via demand curve and consumption targets, which entails the conversion of all major electrical plants to EEC standards.

Future Initiatives

  • Replace the flourescent fittings throughout the factory with LED's.
  • Replace existing roof sheeting with Plexiglass multistop thermal roof sheeting to:
    • Increase light
    • Improve thermal conductivity.
  • Working towards getting ISO 14001 rating and other initiatives.

Alclad Shopfitting Photo of Factory Machinery and Boards